1968Siegfried Steiner founded STEINER FILM: production of corporate films and TV commercials.
1974with the 'Rear Projection System' (Steiner ball) developed by Steiner film, new sales standards at the point of sale were set. Steiner Film recognizes the benefits of aerial filming for the automotive sector and invests in a helicopter Type BELL JET RANGER with a camera nose mount developed by Siegfried Steiner.
1982Together with BMW Steiner Film realized the first 3D computer animated TV commercial produced in Germany.
1984Purchase of the first commercially available 3D computer animation software from Robert Abel Image Research in Hollywood.
1985Steiner-Film develops a mobile motion control system based on software from Bill Tondreau, the leading SFX specialist in Hollywood.
1989Siegfried Steiner and his team make the first commercial film produced in HDTV in Europe - for BMW.
1990Siegfried Steiner produces the first Showscan film in Europe for Mercedes ‘New S Class’ and sets new standards in size and quality of film presentation (70mm format 60 frames per second).
1992For Austrian Television ORF Steiner Film produces the first movie in High Definition and computer animation for television: "The Phantom's king diamond". Rendering software developed inhouse was used and a specially developed real-time motion control system. The film received the Astrolabium Award at the International Electronic Cinema Festival in Montreux.
1994The world's first 3D Stereoscopie film in high definition ,"DYNAMICS" for the BMW research and engineering center in Munich, was awarded the astrolabe Award of the International Electronic Cinema Festival in Tokyo.
1996In cooperation with FLIR UK Steiner-Film builds the world's first full HDTV stabilized camera mount for helicopters and tracking shots.
1997A new type Bell 407 helicopter replaces the Bell Jet Ranger.
2000The more than 10 years of experience in producing with high definition technology along with the creativity of Siegfried Steiner opened new perspectives. Super wide-screen productions with synchronous shots of 3 HD cameras and multi-projection techniques with 48 and more projectors open new dimensions.
2001Steiner-Film expands aerial film prospective technology and buys a Citation Jet CJ1. The specially build camera mounting system with HD technology is initially tested in Namibia.
2006Steiner film enhances the aircraft fleet with a Citation Jet XLS. The jet is used primarily for business purposes.
2006formation of Steiner Film Doku GmbH and Co. KG and start of a co-production series on "European Coast Lines," in which the the 45-meter-2 mast schooner yacht, "Lethantia" plays an important role.
2007A further business jet is added to the fleet: a Citation SOVEREIGN with a greater range that can be implemented in transatlantic assignments.