Cameras:HD Cameras 1''
2 Sony HDC-500 Cameras
HD Cameras 2/3''
2 Sony DXC-H10 Cameras
2 Sony HDW-700 Camcorder
2 Ikegami HDL-37E Cameras
HD Camera 1/2''
1 Sony PMW-EX1 Camera
HD Mini Camera Recorder 1/5''
1 Sony HXR-MC1
Lenses:HD Lenses 1''
1 Fujinon Zoom-Lens HR11xSD-6B 1,8/11x121mm
1 Fujinon Lens HRF9.5SD-6B 1,2/9,5mm
2 Fujinon Lens HRF13SD-6B 1,2/13mm
1 Century Super Wide Angle Lens
Nikon Lenses for 1''
1 Nikkor ED-AF 2,8/300mm
1 Nikkor ED 4,0/500mm
HD Lenses 2/3''
1 Canon Lens EJ 1,5/6mm
2 Canon Lenses EJ 1,5/10mm
1 Fujinon Wide-Zoom-Lens HA10x5.2 BEVM-28 1:2,0/8.2-52mm
1 Fujinon Zoom-Lens HA14x8 EVM-28 1:2,0/8-112mm
Portable Recorder:1 Sony SRW-1/SRPC-1 HD Portable Digital Recorder
Portable Monitors:2 Sony LMD-9050 LCD HD/SD Monitor
2 Sony BVM-D9H5E Trinitron HD/SD Monitor
1 Sony BVM-L 230 LCD HD/SD Monitor
1 ASTRO WM-3014 LCD HD/SD Waveform Monitor
Portable Motion Control:Computer Controlled
3 Axis (Track, Boom, Swing)
3 Axis Head (Pan, Tilt, Rotate)
Remote for Focus & Zoom
with 40m Track, Variable Boomarm (2,2m & 3,5m length)
Digital SLR Camera:1 Canon EOS-1 Ds Mark II
1 Canon Lens EF 16-35mm f/2,8L USM
1 Canon Lens EF 35-350mm f/3,5-5,6L USM
1 Canon Speedlite 550 EX
Soundequipment:1 Sennheiser MKE44P Microphone
1 Sennheiser ME 66 Microphone
1 Tram TR50B Microphone
1 Micron TX501.2/SR520.2 Transmitter/Receiver
1 Sony TCD-D10 ProII DAT Tape Recorder
Others:Car Rigg
Car Turntable
Sachtler Tripods & Heads
Honda Generators
Remote Head
Grip Equipment
3D-Equipment:1 Parallel-Rigg
1 Mirror-Rigg
1 Underwater Cover

Gimbal Specifications:Stabilization:
Field of Regard:

Operating Temperature:
5-axis gyro-stabilization
Elevation: +20° to -110°
Azimuth: +360° continuous

-20°C to 45°C
Video Tracker
GPS Tracker
Digital Control
Video System:Camera:

Sony HDC-1500 HD-Camera
Sony RMB-750
Sony SRW-1 HD Digital Video Recorder
Sony SRPC-1 HD Video Processor
Fujinon 20x7,5-150mm (Extender 2x)
- Sony BVM-D9H5E 9-inch HD/SD LCD Multiformat Monitor
- ASTRO WM-3014 6-inch HD/SD LCD Waveform Monitor
- SWIT S1080DF 8-inch HD/SD LCD Monitor
- Alpine 9-inch SD Monitor (for Pilot)
Cameras:2 Arriflex 35
1 Fries Mitchell 35R

Lenses:1 Carl Zeiss Distagon 2,0/16mm
1 Carl Zeiss Distagon 2,0/20mm
1 Carl Zeiss Distagon 2,0/24mm
1 Carl Zeiss Distagon 1,2/25mm
1 Carl Zeiss Planar 2,0/32mm
1 Carl Zeiss Planar 2,0/35mm
1 Carl Zeiss Planar 2,0/50mm
1 Carl Zeiss Planar 2,0/85mm
1 Carl Zeiss Sonnar 2,8/180mm
1 Nikkor 3,5/18mm
1 Nikkor 2,0/24mm
1 Nikkor 2,0/35mm
1 Nikkor 2,0/50mm
1 Canon FD 2,8/400mm 1 Optex Range Extender Typ Bx2
1 Soligor 2,8/28mm
1 Angenieux Zoom 3,2/25-250mm Typ 10x25 T2
1 Zoomar Macro-Kilar 2,8/90mm
1 Kinoptik Tegea 1,8/9,8mm
1 Century Periscopic Relay System F 2.8/T 3.8

VTRs:3 Sony HDD-1000 HD 1'' Digital Recorder
1 Sony HDV-10 (UniHi) HD ½” Analog Recorder
1 Sony SRW-5800 HDCAM-SR Digital Recorder
1 Sony HDW-500 HDCAM Digital Recorder
1 Sony SRW-1/SRPC-1 HDCAM-SR Portable Digital Recorder
1 Sony DVW-A500P SD Digital Betacam Recorder
1 Sony J-3 Compact SD Digital Betacam Player
1 Sony BVH-2000PS SD 1” Analog Recorder
Format Converter:1 Snell&Wilcox HD-6200 Universal HD/SD Converter
Audio:1 Yamaha O3D Digital Mixing Console
1 Pro Tools Mix+ 5.1. mit 888/24 i/o und USD/Machine Control
Genelec 5.1 Surround Audio Monitor
DAT-Recorder, MC-Recorder, CD-Player, CD-Burner
Linear Editing:1 Snell & Wilcox HD1010, 8 Input HD Switcher, DVE
1 Sony BVE-2000 Editing Control Unit
Editing/Compositing:1 35mm Steenbeck Editing Table
1 Avid Symphony Nitris v1.7.2
1 Avid DS Nitris with Dual-Link Option, Version 10
1 Shake
1 Parallax Matador/Illusion
1 Maya Unlimited 4.0
Monitors:2 Sony BVM-L 230 LCD HD/SD Monitors
2 Sony PHM-20M80 Trinitron HD Monitors
2 Sony BVM-D9H5E Trinitron HD Monitors
2 Sony PVM-14M4E Trinitron PAL/NTSC Monitors
1 ASTRO WM-3014 LCD HD/SD Waveform Monitor
1 Tektronix WFM601A Serial Component Monitor